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Working Group 1: Academic

Educational programmes, courses, meeting workshops, outreach to other fields

WG Leader:      Prof. W. Feitz, Netherlands
WG Co-Leader: Dr. John Heesakkers, Netherland
WG Members:   Dr. Fawzy Farag, Netherlands
                         Dr. Boy Rozenberg, Netherlands
                         Prof. Francisco Cruz, Portugal
                         Dr. Isabel Queipo Ortuno, Spain
                         Mr Daniel Castellano Castillo, Spain
                         Dr. Silvia Mihaila, Netherlands

ReST will host

  • hands on training courses for surgical skills in noted specialist centers
  • workshops and seminars at different international conferences EU wide
  • publish reviews, scientific and lay articles on cell based sphincter therapy
  • support international exchange programs for young professionals
  • connect to other disciplins for further research through the dissemination manager