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Working Group 3: Clinical

Criteria for recruitment of patients, monitor treatment regimens, and follow-up

WG Leader:       Dr. Mija Blaganje, Slovenia
WG Co-Leader:  Prof. Ilan Gruenwald, Israel
                          Dr. Pedro Blasco-Hernandez, Spain
WG Members:    Dr. Maarten Albersen, Belgium
                          Dr. Bertil Blok, Netherlands
                          Kristina Drusany Staric, Slovenia
                          Dr. Bernardo Herrera Imbroda, Spain
                          Dr. Sergio del Rio Gonzales, Spain
                          Elisabeth Castillo, Spain
                          Prof. Rene Yiou, France
                          Prof. Jean-Nicolas Cornu, France

Urinary incontinence is a complex situation and three major forms of incontinence can be discriminated: urge (UUI), mixed (MUI) and stress-associated (SUI) urinary incontinence; SUI being the most common. The main cause for urinary incontinence is poor function of the sphincter muscle. This may have several reasons (see above). Therefore, WG3 will dissect the complex situation of the individual patient with respect to the status of the sphincter muscle, etiology of incontinence, age in general and biological age for donation of autologous cells in sufficient numbers/ quality, neurological situation, the overall regenerative and wound healing capacity, to be able to estimate chances for improvement by cell-based therapies. Compilation of the treatment protocol and outcome measures, planning of the clinical trial, preparation of propositions to the ethics committees, educational programs for the patients, and their safeguarding after treatment will be dealt within WG3.