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Working Group 4: Surgical

Instrumentation, navigation, cell application techniques, and sensors

WG Leader:       Prof. Christopher Chapple, United Kingdom
WG Co-Leader:  Prof. Jacob Ramon, Israel
WG Members:    Prof. K.D. Sievert, Austria
                          Prof. Frank Van der Aa, Belgium
                          Prof. Ronan O'Connell, Ireland
                          Prof. Lior Lowenstein, Israel
                          Dr. John Heesakkers, Netherlands
                          Prof. Gabor Szekely, Switzerland
                          MD Allert de Vries, Netherlands
                          Dr. Alejandra M. Ruiz Zapata, Netherlands

Application of cells into the sphincter of the urethra requires outmost precision.
The muscle’s exact position is sometimes hard to identify, especially in women, however endoscopical access to the sphincter through the urethra is a simple way to approach the specific position needed for therapy. In addition, the incidence of urinary incontinence in women is higher compared to men. Therefore, this therapy will be developed in the first line of exploration for female incontinence.
WG4 will:

  • facilitate technical adaptation of surgical instruments and develop new ones
  • promote and extend collaboration with manufacturers of surgical instruments
  • support conformation of radiologic methods including MRI and ultrasound based imaging techniques to the application envisaged
  • furnish contact to enterprises developing imaging technology and software to improve existing methods of MRI and ultra sound depiction for the specific needs in urology and gynecology