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Working Group 5: Communication

Arranging and maintenance of internal and external information flow

WG Leader:         Prof. Wilhelm K. Aicher, Germany
WG Co-Leader:   Dr. Maria Fernanda Lara, Spain
WG Members:     Michelle Battye, United Kingdom

A web-based hub for communication will be established under the immediate custody of the management committee (MC). This will include a separate limited access, password-protected database and a communication server for all ReST participants for internal communication.
 Within this COST action, a platform for the action partners across all disciplines involved. This database will contain protocols for all steps and procedures involved in cell-based sphincter therapy, reports on results, and general information, guidelines on preparation of cells, specificities for apparatus and surgical instruments, invitations and programs of the meetings, conferences, and workshops, as well as reports on outcome of research and studies. A separate public platform will inform patients in lay language and native tongue on the central points of interest: centers involved, contact persons in the centers, basic knowledge relevant to the novel treatment, and information for family and friends of affected patients. Dissemination of the results of this action will also be offered through WG4.