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Current Proposals

Radboud University Center Nijmegen; Radboud/The Netherlands

1. Research and training on clinical practice of female and functional reconstructive urology. This comprises practical training and hand-on skills in: functional anatomy of the lower urinary tract, history taking, phsical examination, use of voiding diaries, padtests and questionnaires, to learn and perform urodynamic training, use and relevance of imaging techniques in LUT dysfunction, use and relevance of guidelines, management of patient expectations and wishes, management of patient information supply.
2. Research and training on treatment part the next items will be emphasized: the role of conservative treatment and the role of techniques of reconstructive surgical treatments like: neuromodulation, botulinum toxin injections, stress incontinence treatments, reconstructive techniques.
3. Research and training on large animal models for reconstructive urology will be introduced such as pig and goat for bladder and urether reconstruction and urostoma.
English / Dutch
Contact:    Wout Feitz; E-mail: wout.feitz(at)


Virgen de la Victoria Hospital, Urology Unit Research;Malaga/Spain

1. Characterization of human urethral, periurethral and bladder tissue
    (urothelial and smooth muscle cells). Use of biomaterials and cells.
2. Generation predifferentiated adipocyte mesenchymal stem cells for cell
    therapy in urinary incontinence.
3. Development of animal models for cell injection into sphincter regeneration.
Spanish / English
Contact:     Bernardo Herrera Imbroda; E-mail: ber.urologia(at)
                   Maria Fernanda Lara Cabanas

University Hospital Tuebingen, Department of Urology, KFO273

Department of Urology's Lab of Tissue Engineering would like to give interested scientists the opportunity to visit its institution having profound expertises in performing large animal model of Göttinger Minipigs.
The potential STSM offers the attendance on a minimal invasive surgery of transurethral cytoscopy together with established techniques of urodynamics and cell application and follow up at the therapy.
Other open surgery procedures, for instance urethral reconstruction, might be an additional platform for exchanging knowledge in the field of tissue repair in urology depending on current progress in running projects.
Language: German / English
Contact:     aicher(at)

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield/UK

Training on functional and reconstructive urological surgery.
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK.
Supervised by: Prof Christopher Chapple, BSc, MD, FRCS (Urol), FEBU, Consultant Urological Surgeon
Language: English
Contact:    michelle.battye(at) 

Donostia University Hospital, Biodonostia Health Research Institute, Tissue Engineering Lab., San Sebastian/Spain

1. Research and training in adult stem cells and striated muscle derivation
2. Research and training in mouse lineage tracing models
Language: Spanish / English
Contact:    Ander Izeta; E-mail: ander.izeta(at)