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Training Schools

Animal model of SUI

The second training school of the COST Action BM1209 will take place in Malaga/Spain (February 6 - 7, 2016)

Venue: Faculty of Medicine, Malaga, Spain

You can find the program here

Trainees: 6 - 8


Margot Damaser, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland OH, US
Jorge Blando, MD. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, US
Karl Dietrich Sievert, University of Salzburg, Austria

Sergio del Río González.
Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, Málaga.

Language: English

Contact: Maria Fernanda Lara; e-mail: mf.lara(at)
FIMABIS, Campus de Teatinos s/n, 29010 Málaga, Spain 



GMP-compliant production of MSC

The first training school of the COST Action BM1209 was held in Tuebingen/Germany from April 15, 2015 until April 17, 2015

Hands on practical on preparation of human MSC
Hands on practical on propagation of human MSC under GMP-compliant procedures
Lectures on quality measures in the GMP process of cells and on regulatory affairs
Lectures on scaffolds and biomaterials for MSC-based tissue engineering and/or regenerative medicine

Dr. Ana Aiastui, Donostia, Spain
Dr. Tina Cirman, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lisa Engen, Denmark
Maria Fernanda Lara, Spain
Dr. Boy Rozenberg, Netherlands
Allert de Vries, Netherlands
Dr. Sergio del Rio Gonzalez, Spain

Prof. Dr. W. Aicher, Germany
PD Dr. Melanie Hart, Germany
Prof. Jan Stegemann, US

Language: English

Contact: Prof. Wilhelm K. Aicher; e-mail: aicher(at)
University Hospital Tuebingen, Urology Unit Research; Tübingen/Germany



Development of animal models in urinary incontinence

Training in animal care animal models.
Language: Spanish/English
Contact:Bernardo Herrera Imbroda; e-mail: ber.urologia(at)
Maria Fernanda Lara Cabanas
Virgen de la Victoria Hospital, Andalucian Health Service; Urology Unit Research; Malaga/Spain.

Training on specific aspects of animal research

Training on specific aspects of animal research including ethical aspects, public aspects, systematic reviews, planning and executing animal studies, exam for article 9 functions in animal research.
Language: English / Dutch
Contact: Wout Feitz; e-mail: Wout.Feitz(at)
Radboud University Center Nijmegen, Department of Urology; Radboud/The Netherlands

Functional study of sphincter deficiency

Training urodynamic and electromyographic studies of patients with sphincter deficiency.
Language: Spanish/English
Contact: Bernardo Herrera Imbroda; e-mail: ber.urologia(at)
Alejandro Galacho Bech
Virgen de la Victoria Hospital, Andalucian Health Service; Urology Unit Research; Malaga/Spain.